The Beginner to Master Art Academy


The Beginner to Master Art Academy is a series of high quality, online, on demand, guided courses and books intricately designed to give each learner an apprentice/master experience. We found that, the virtual school/video medium offers a much clearer learning process for traditional painting and drawing than one would get in a classroom. Receiving proficient, high quality training in Fine Art has managed to stay illusive, and extremely expensive. The cost of attaining a Bachelor’s degree at any art school is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. At The Beginner to Master Art Academy, we strive to make receiving a comprehensive art education accessible and affordable to everyone. Every course offered in the curriculum at BMAA guides you through the journey, from discovery of that medium, to a collegiate level of expertise.

“We encourage creativity and strive to help every learner discover their talents through our ever growing curriculum”.

-Joseph Patric Daniels


Joseph Patric Daniels

Artist Author Teacher

I’ve made a living as fine artist and illustrator based in NYC for over 20 years, exhibited internationally and won awards and grants for my paintings. I studied Fine Art at "The School of Visual Arts" among other institutions, where earned a Masters degree. After completing my education, I apprenticed for artists like Tom Weselmann, (now considered one of the greatest pop artists who ever lived) Marjorie Stryder, and Kevin Barrett, Then taught art in the schools I attended. Since then, I’ve gone on to show my own paintings in prestigious institutions from New York to Los Angeles like Joseph Nahmad Gallery, to participating in international shows like Art Basel. 

I took all of those years of training and put them into my courses, so you can receive the education I had at a price anyone can afford. I want to give you the tools to have complete creative freedom to paint and express yourself, without giving up from frustration like so many before. What you learn in my courses can be applied to every painting style, not just realism. The techniques, palettes, brushes, color theories, etc are universal and can be applied to achieve whatever style you desire- and I urge you to find your own!





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